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Milling machine, 3-6 category (AC, CPM, MSK, IR).

Characteristic of work. Milling of complex parts and tools of 7 - 10 qualitates on horizontal and vertical milling machines using cutting tools and universal devices, as well as a method of combined plasma-mechanical processing. Turn on and off the plasma installation. Milling of complex parts and tools of 7 - 10 qualitates on specialized machines established for processing certain parts, or on universal equipment using a measuring cutting tool and special devices. Treatment of simple large parts of 7-10 qualitates on multi-spindle longitudinal milling machines with simultaneous processing of two or three surfaces and pre-processing more complex parts. Simultaneous processing of several parts or simultaneous multilateral processing of one part with a set of special cutters. Milling of outdoor and internal planes of various configurations and conjugations, one-handed threads and spirals. Milling of gears and gear decks of 9 degrees of accuracy. Adjusting machine tools, plasma installation, plasma torus for combined processing. Performing calculations for milling teeth gears. Setting parts in various devices with accurate reconciliation in two planes. Managing multi-spindle longitudinal milling machines with a table length over 10,000 mm.

High salary, stable team, social package.

Non-resident is provided with a hostel.

Telephone for communication:8-0232-59-67-97, 8-0232-59-60-47, 8-0232-59-68-87, 8-0232-59-62-21.

Dealer and technical centers