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Adjusting Engineer and Work Control Machinery

Adjusting Engineer and Work Control Machinery

Installation engineer and work on machinery machines (MSC, AC).

Characteristic of work.Adjustment and adjustment at idle and in the working mode of multipleration machines and robotic technological complexes of machine tools with software control to handle parts and assembly units with the development of machine control programs.Adjustment and adjustment of flexible production systems (GPSS) for the processing of parts and assembly units.Diagnostics, prevention and repair of malfunctions of all systems and equipment nodes.

High salary, stable team, social package.

Non-resident is provided with a hostel.

Telephone for communication:8-0232-59-67-97, 8-0232-59-60-47, 8-0232-59-68-87, 8-0232-59-62-21.

Dealer and technical centers