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Automatic lines and aggregate

Automatic lines and aggregate

The adjuster of automatic lines and aggregate machines, 4-6 category (AC, MSK).

Characteristic of work. Adjusting bilateral, multi-viable, multi-spindle aggregate machines with arbitrary or connected for each caliper with a cycle of feed, with a circular rotary table for processing large complex parts or with an annular table for handling small complex parts. Adjusting the electrical appendix, electrosporer and ultrasonic machines and installations of various types and power, electrochemical machines of various types and power faults in mechanical in electrical parts. Perform complex calculations related to setting up machines. Adjusting machine tools, control machines and transport devices to a full cycle of processing of simple parts (sleeves, pistons, rollers, sleeves) with different processing character (drilling, milling, sharpening, etc.). Adjusting individual nodes of industrial manipulators (robots) with software control. Processing trial parts and passing them in OTV. Observation of the operation of the automatic line. Folding the main mechanisms of the automatic line during operation.

High salary, stable team, social package.

Non-resident is provided with a hostel.

Telephone for communication:8-0232-59-67-97, 8-0232-59-60-47, 8-0232-59-68-87, 8-0232-59-62-21.

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