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Harvesting machine and semi-automatic

Harvesting machine and semi-automatic

The adjuster of automata and semi-automatic, 4-6 category (AC, CPM).

Characteristic of work.Adjustment of turning and revolving machines, turning multi-spindle machines and semi-automatic, vertical multi-track and multi-spindle semi-automatic machines for processing complex parts with a large number of transitions by 6 to 7 to qualitates using a different combined cutting and measuring instrument.Perform the technical calculations required when setting up machines.Installing special devices with alignment in several planes.

High salary, stable team, social package.

Non-resident is provided with a hostel.

Telephone for communication:8-0232-59-67-97, 8-0232-59-60-47, 8-0232-59-68-87, 8-0232-59-62-21.

Dealer and technical centers