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Holder of cold-moving equipment

Holder of cold-moving equipment

Holder of cold-power equipment, 3-6 category (CPM, CPM).

Characteristic of work. Adjusting the eccentric, friction and crank presss with an effort from 3 to 10 m. MN for stamping of various complexity of parts and products, as well as the press with an effort over 10 MN for cold stamping of the simple and medium complexity of parts and products. Adjustment of multi-dyed cold and fusion and gas control machines. Setting multi-position, combined, calibration colder machines for disembarking complex products. Adjusting special hydraulic presses for extracting parts made of metal blanks. Assembly, disassembly and adjustment of exhaust, cutting, spacing, molding, combined and bending complex stamps and testing after produced by adjustment. Adjustment of calibration, correct, oscillating and drawing machines and mills. Adjustment of automatic, semi-automatic lines and presses and automata and machine guns with software control for cold stamping of the simple and medium complexity of parts and products made of metal of various profiles. Trial processing of parts and passing them off. Adjusting individual nodes of industrial manipulators (robots) with software control.

High salary, stable team, social package.

Non-resident is provided with a hostel.

Telephone for communication:8-0232-59-67-97, 8-0232-59-60-47, 8-0232-59-68-87, 8-0232-59-62-21.

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