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Personnel policy

Personnel policy

Personnel policy is focused on a sustainable and dynamic increase in the well-being of working, stabilizing labor collectives, high-quality training and the formation of an effective reserve of the organization's personnel potential by optimizing the cost of working with personnel, creating high-performance jobs, modernization and technical re-equipment of the organization.

To ensure the implementation of the main goal of personnel policy, the following priority areas of work with personnel are identified:

  • high-quality and efficient selection and placement of personnel;
  • Rotation of personnel composition, rational use of existing personnel potential and reserves of personnel frames from the number of workers and specialists of the organization;
  • ensuring proactive measures for professional training and retraining of employees, raising their qualifications, promising planning and forecasting the need for young professionals, graduates;
  • Improving the motivation to high-performance and high-quality labor through the implementation of measures to optimize the number of working, through the implementation of youth policy, the creation of the necessary and safe working conditions, the formation of a healthy socio-psychological climate in labor collectives, raising the wage level;
  • Strengthening labor and production discipline, a decrease in non-production loss of working time, a decrease in the incidence of incidence, the development of an active life position, participation in the public and sports activities of the teams of divisions and the organization as a whole.

For employment issues, contact the personnel department:

Gomel.ul.Mogilevskaya, 16 or by phone + 375 232 59-67-97

The policy of OJSC "Gzlin" on the protection of personal data


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