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Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Safety - a system of organizational events, protective measures and methods that prevent impact on working unacceptable risk.(Completely absorbed by the concept of "labor protection". The situation with the organization and provision of labor protection at work and safety during individual types of work continues to be difficult.The main activities of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Gomel Plant casting and Normals" is cast iron casting, casting steel, lighting metal casting, manufacture of fasteners, chains and springs, production of agricultural machinery, production of equipment for animal husbandry, poultry farming of feed production.



Public notification

This is notified thatOpen Joint-Stock Company "Gomel Casting and Normal Plant"Gomel, ul.Mogilevskaya, 16 bodies / fax 59-60-61 A comprehensive environmental resolution was obtained No. 02 dated December 24, 2015 to 31.12.2020 for the implementation of activities related to the operation of objects providing a comprehensive environmental impact.

Integrated environmental resolution is a single permissive document certifying the right to emissions of pollutants into atmospheric air, special water use, storage of production waste disposal, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 528 of 11/17/2011.

OPEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY "Gomel Molding and Normal Plant"- Society for the production of agricultural machinery, fasteners, chains and springs, animal husbandry equipment, poultry and feeding, cast iron casting, steel, light metals. Year of the establishment of the enterprise - 1981. Production capacity - cast iron casting - 18026t; Casting color - 4306t; Casting steel - 1530T; Normalized parts - 11500T; Adapters for grain harvesters (grain headings) - 4620pcs; Adapters to feed combine harvesters (headers for rudeness and herbal crops) - 3941pc. in year. Open Joint-Stock Company "Gomel Maltal and Normalry Plant" is registered in the RUE RUE "Ecology" RUE, as an object for the use of waste: Aluminum scrap is unsorted; Aluminum aluminum chips; steel steel unsorted; Lusthgong unsorted; chip-iron chips unpolluted.

Since 2012, the steel casting melting plot has been reconstructed with the installation of melting furnaces, resulting in a reduction in iron oxide emissions, dioxide dioxide, sulfur anhydride, manganese oxides, improving working conditions;In 2016, an automatic molding line for raw mixture according to the technology of the type of sale will be installed.DAFM-SD4.5 and accessories in the workshop of high-strength cast iron, which will increase the production program and the nomenclature of parts and products.There are 480 stationary sources of emissions in society.The size of the sanitary protection zone is 50-300 m. The category of exposure to atmospheric air - the second.

The main activities to ensure environmental safety: the company has primary accounting of water consumption (drainage), waste production and operation of stationary emissions. Completed the full collection of secondary material resources. Local monitoring of lands and emissions of pollutants into atmospheric air is carried out. On the open joint-stock company, the Gomel Casting and Normal Plant, work is carried out on preparing for periodic control over the activities of the ISO / IEC 17025 accredited to meet the requirements of STB / IEC 17025 - the environmental protection department.


The Environmental Management System is implemented in society, the Environmental Certificate of EnvironmentalBY/ 112 06.01.002 00137 Date of registration 21.12.2007 and is valid until December 21, 2016.

On the open joint-stock company, the Gomel Casting and Normal Plant was introduced and operating a labor protection management system, in accordance with the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus STB 18001-2009 and confirmed by the certificate No. Wu / 112 05.04.00200269 dated December 15, 2009.

The environmental management system in relation to the performance of works for the production of forage, grain harvesting equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, spare parts, consumer goods, hardware, steel and non-ferrous metal castings meets the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2005 and confirmed by a certificate of conformity. Ecological noBY/ 112 06.01.002 00137 of 21.12.2007


 Охрана труда

The operation of the SUP allows the organization to identify and control the activities that have the most serious impact on the environment, to respond in a timely manner to deviations during production processes, which can lead to an increase in the workload on the environment, the emergence of an emergency, violation of environmental legislation.The awareness and competence of the organization's personnel in the field of environmental protection has increased.

In order to reduce emissions of pollutants into atmospheric air in the organization, gas intersects are used, including gases cleaning devices, dry mechanical cleaning machines, filtering type apparatus, electrostatic cleaning machines.

In the organization there are local treatment facilities that provide wastewater treatment.Evaluation of wastewater treatment efficacy according to indicators is 97-99% in relation to the incoming drains and corresponds to project efficiency.

Wastewater monitoring, the air of the working area, the atmospheric air efficiency of gamphous installations and treatment facilities in the organization is carried out by an accredited department of environmental protection (UNEOS).

The organization provides a separate collection of production waste according to the requirements of the legislation.Waste, which are secondary material resources are transmitted to use in third-party organizations or are used directly in the organization.

Environmental protection is the initial concern and responsibility of all employees of the organization.We put a goal for minimizing and preventing the negative impact of production processes for the production of agricultural machinery on the environment. 

 There is an accreditation certificateBY/ 112 of 27.09.2000




According to the results of the first half of 2015, the organization of industrial safety control (OPK PB) conducted PTO of the cranes of the uncomplicated GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "

In January 2015, hazardous production facilities were insured by society. In March 2015, knowledge was inspected by the staff serving technical devices used on hazardous production facilities, objects under the GOU "GOU" GOU "GOU" GOU "PERSONNEX": crane machines (craners), solingers, electromotors for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of lifting mechanisms, repairman fixtures, instrument adjustments Security, car fleets on compliance with industrial safety requirements.

During the first half of 2015, 47 planned and unscheduled inspections of workshops and buildings were conducted in the organization to comply with industrial safety requirements.72 checks of workshops and buildings together with other departments of the Mobile Groups Society.

In the first half of the year, GOU "GUE" conducted a check of the organization for the transport of dangerous goods.There are no equipment and prohibition to use.Also in April 2015, the Gomel Regional Office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus was inspected.

In the organization of the OPK PB, the Company's employees were trained in the specialty "Machinist (operator) cranes, managed from gender", all trained 73 employees, training of employees of the society for a fire and technical minimum, 42 employees were trained according to foundry production, according to JSC Gzlin 89workers, only 131 employees.


In connection with the change in PUBEGK, an extraordinary test of knowledge of employees of society, both the main and auxiliary production, was carried out.

For non-acceptance of cases of industrial injuries and occupational disease, as well as the improvement of the labor protection management system in OJSC "Gzlin" on the basis of the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus STB 18001-2009 "Labor Protection Management Systems. Requirements "The organization provides an internal audit of the labor protection management system in accordance with the schedule for 2015 for analysis and documentation of judicial deviations, including incidents, causes of accidents, occupational diseases and making material damage, as well as to develop corrective and preventive actions.

To prevent industrial injuries in the workplaces related to the use of alcoholic beverages in the organization, the Commission on Combating Drunkenness and Alcoholism is valid, as well as on the basis of a medical center around the clock, a narcologist is organized by the examination of workers in a state of intoxication. In a catering plant during a lunch break with the help of office equipment, social advertising rollers aimed at ensuring the safety of workers, as well as to comply with the rules of personal security in everyday life and during public events.

The Commission on Daily Control of Labor Protection, Industrial and Fire Safety, Production Culture.In the structural divisions, responsible persons are appointed in the daily control of the implementation of the norms and rules of labor protection of industrial sanitation, fire safety.

<pclass="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify; text-indent: 36.0pt;">Heads, specialists and employees of the organization, with the participation of the Public Inspectorate of the Trade Union for Labor Protection, are organized seminars, lectures, advice, exhibitions on labor protection, fire and industrial safety.In labor collectives with employees of production sites, explanatory lectures on compliance with the requirements of rules and labor protection standards are held.

Togetherwith employees oftraffic policeInternal Affairsof GomelRegional Executive Committeein the organization ofclasseswith driversforaccidentpreventionin the framework ofa single day oftraffic safety, permanentmonitoring of compliance withthe technicalrules of operationandthe movement of vehiclesin the organization

Chaired by the Director of the Company, meetings on labor protection are held with the analysis of the state of industrial injuries, a professional disease, industrial and fire safety.

 By carrying out its production activities, first of all, we strive to exclude from the practice of any cases of damage to the environment and prevent damage to the health of people and the environment. We fully accept responsibility for ensuring the safety, health, industrial safety and environmental protection (further security) at OJSC "Gzlin". We believe that safe work, health protection, environmental safety and the rational use of natural resources are the basis of our production.

Labor Protection Service in January - June 2015 was issued for execution and completed 202 orders aimed at preventing industrial injuries and occupational diseases.32 commission inspections of observance of labor protection legislation in the structural divisions of the enterprise, 64 unscheduled inspections were held.


In the organization, in March 2015, the labor protection and safety department, a month was held on labor protection with activities aimed at preventing industrial injuries, increasing the responsibility of heads of structural divisions and workers of OJSC Gzlin to ensure healthy and safe working conditions, preventing industrial cases injury and professional morbidity, improve preventive work on labor protection, road safety and pedestrians in OJSC Gzlin. According to the results of the labor protection month, 19 events aimed at raising the level of labor and production discipline, 10 measures aimed at improving working conditions, 5 measures aimed at reducing harmful factors (dustiness, gas supply, noise, etc.), 25 measures aimed at ensuring safe working conditions (reduction of production risks).


Our priorities: the life and health of the employee, as well as healthy living conditions for future generations, we appreciate above the results of production activities.


Our security principles:

- comply with all the requirements of legislation, regulatory acts and regulatory documents in the field of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection.Develop and effectively apply the labor protection system;

- constantly identify and explore the sources of danger and harm to the health and life of workers related to production, and take measures to eliminate them or mitigate their action;

- prevent overtormative environmental pollution;

- constantly conduct training for employees in the field of special requirements of industrial, fire safety and labor protection and ensure the functional and high-quality means of individual and collective protection;

- to support and encourage observance by employees of the rules of the internal labor regulations of OJSC "Gzlin" and the terms of contractors and buyers' contracts;

- in time to inform all interested parties on the plans and the results of security activities.


Our security commitments:

- create and maintain a local regulatory framework, organizational structure and mechanisms for financing the system of labor protection management, industrial safety, ecology on the basis of constantly improved norms, standards and technical regulations;

- develop and implement plans to ensure industrial safety, ensure funding activities aimed at protecting the health of employees;

- constantly improve technological processes and equipment for reducing production risks, as well as environmental impacts based on the development of science, technology and innovation;

- to establish, measure and evaluate safety indicators, monitor compliance with security requirements by employees of society when performing any work, motivate labor payment on the results of control;

- Define and establish security requirements in contracts when choosing suppliers, buyers and contractors in accordance with this Policy and assist them in fulfilling safety requirements.

Taking this policy, we set the task to continuously develop and improve the security - as a tool for the implementation of the principles and obligations of this policy, as well as promote the creation of such an atmosphere in which employees of OJSC "Gzlin" will share our commitment to ensuring security in the workplace.


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