31 October 2018


our YouTube channel you can see roller, which showcased work in the field trailed potato harvester with side undermining РТ260-2. 

the two-row Harvester with side undermining intended for harvesting of potato on light, medium and heavy soils, separating it from impurities and buildup in the tank and then is loaded. 

the Harvester shows a high performance at harvest over large areas and popular in the farms with developed potato cultivation. 

РТ260-2 is aggregated with tractors of class 3. At the request of the consumer to the harvester can be supplied to the first screening of the conveyor with the step of 32 mm, and also the harvester may be equipped with video surveillance system technological process.

Harvester equipped with two sieving conveyors, which guarantees high-quality separation and gentle transportation of the potatoes in the bunker and then to the vehicle.

РТ260-2 is equipped with a third separating device for dividing the clumps. 

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