About our company

Open Joint Stock Company “Gomel foundry and standards works “GZLiN” is a member of holding “Gomselmash”. The enterprise has the rights of legal entity and carries out its activities in accordance with the Charter.

The company’s main activities are:

  • Production of agricultural machinery;
  • Production of foundry goods from cast iron, steel and nonferrous alloys;
  • Production of machine building fasteners (bolts, screws, studs, rivets, axes, etc.);
  • Production of foundry gear and nonstandard equipment;
  • Production of cold-upsetting materials and punches.



9 Oct 1979, according to the order # 272 of the Ministry of machine building for animal­production and fodder production of the USSR started the construction of «Gomel factory of casting and nor­Maley”.

December 10, 1981. in the shop of the normals was made the first item: rivet КИС0604601. This day is considered the birthday of the plant. In August of 1983. came off the Assembly line the first Reaper of the corn - КИС0600000, in September 1983. collected the first 10 pieces of grass reapers КИС0200000. 

on February 11, 1987. in accordance with the order No. 44  Minister of engineering.­volnovatsa and forage production, the plant is granted the status of an independent companie­ment (legal entity) as part of the production Association "Gomselmash”.

20 January 1988. held its first melting shop in the high strength cast iron.

BY 1990, the main production facilities were mastered. 

14  may 1991. was received the status of Republican unitary enterprises.

IN accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of may 24, 1996. No. 208 “no­which measures to streamline the activities of business entities” plant the decision of the Gomel regional Executive Committee from October 22, 1996. No. 513 was included in the Register about the­weresubsequently registration No. 23-049.

the Decision of the Gomel regional Executive Committee of August 12, 2002. No. 523 Republican unitary enterprise «Gomel plant of  casting and normals" registered­based in the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepre­upgraded to No. 400051772 (Certificate of State registration of commercial orga­izing     No. 0053207).

2001 – obtained the first certificate in QMS.

2005 – made: the first potato harvester PKK-2-02 and one company­instability and risk mower-conditioner KPR-9.

2008 – made the first flax combine KLS-3,5.

2010 – made a new pick-up FAC-4-3900000 for selection of rolls suspender­Lenno sowed and natural grass, we also mastered the production of flange bolts and nuts, cast iron brake shoes for locomotives. 

2011 – made the installation of postcodelottery KPS-4-0500000 postcoronary to combine КПС4000000.

2013 – made batobalani and corporacy modules for self-propelled light­Globacom combine SKS-624-1, Reaper grain GSC-9-2 with a width of 9M.   

IN accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on privatization of state­tion of property,  , Republican unitary enterprise «Gomel plant of casting and nor­Maley” transformed into  joint stock company  «Gomel plant of casting and nor­Malay" (order of the State Committee on property of the Republic of Belarus from December 30, 2013. No. 299). 100 percent of the shares belong to the Republic of Belarus.Organ exercising possessory supervision, the Ministry of industry of the re­faces of Belarus.

the Decision of the Gomel city Executive Committee of 29 January 2014. in EDI­tion of the state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs made­and the entry about state registration of Open joint stock company «Gomel­ing plant of casting and normals" (OAO«Heslin”)  with registration number No. 400051772 (Evidence­ment of State registration of legal entity №0094190). 

OJSC “Heslin” aims to increase the contribution to the acceleration of socio­cially-economic development of the Republic of Belarus, the oblast, city, “Gomselmash" read­tion on this basis the welfare of the workforce.

currently, OJSC “Heslin” is a modern industrial organization with enough  high potential with complex hardware­tion and skilled personnel.

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