the Technique of production of JSC «Heslin” provided a professional service, regardless of the geography of its use. Thanks to an extensive network of technical and service centers, the user can receive necessary care at the place of its location. In all regions dealers at its technical centers conduct pre-sale preparation of the equipment before starting her work in the future provide technical support for each sold machine during the entire period of operation. JSC «Heslin” is making every effort to meet the demands of its Customers.

Before you implement a technology Consumer, dealer, at its technical centers, conducted pre-sale preparation, checked for serviceability of machines in accordance with the instruction manual, to instruct operators according to the rules of its operation, maintenance and storage.

the service should be directed to serving You, the dealership that in the shortest possible time to take qualified solution.

in Addition to a servicing dealership You can contact service Department of OJSC “Heslin”, using the email address or the following phone numbers and Fax numbers:

Department of technical expertise and service JSC «Heslin”

Tel: 8-10-375(232) 59-42-81

Tel: 8-10-375(232) 59-65-18


Tel./Fax: 8-10-375(232) 63-37-91


Dealer and technical centers